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As Kenya Takes Orwellian Turn, Government Goes After Journalists

By 7 mars 2020 No Comments

NAIROBI, Kenya — Sitting in his office, Linus Kaikai ate peanuts and tried to decide how best to be arrested by the police officers he thought were lurking outside the newsroom.

“What are the chances they’ll storm the place?” Mr. Kaikai, who leads the newsroom at Nation Television, asked a roomful of allies — lawyers, fellow journalists, activists.

It was late Wednesday night. An Orwellian storm had whipped across Kenya’s capital, and Mr. Kaikai was caught in it. Hours earlier he and two NTV colleagues, anchors Ken Mijungu and Larry Madowo, were tipped by their police sources that officers were heading to the newsroom to arrest all three.

None knew when it would happen or why, exactly — in Kenya, you generally hear the charges only when you appear in court — but they all had a pretty good idea.

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