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Reinjury Risk Is High Among Teens

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Oct. 13, 2006 — High school athletes with a past damage are twice as likely to injure themselves again playing sports such as football and soccer, concurring to a new study.

Researchers say the results propose that many young varsity athletes may be beneath too much pressure to return to play before they’ve completely recuperated and aren’t learning sufficient approximately harm anticipation.

« It’s stunning to me that tall school kids have this rate of reinjury, » says analyst Stephen Marshall, an relate teacher of epidemiology in the College of North Carolina School of Public Health, in a news release.

He says need of restorative consideration and resources at the time of harm and destitute follow-up may be to blame. « Less than half of all tall schools within the United States have indeed one certified athletic trainer, » says Marshall.

The study of 15,000 tall school competitors in North Carolina appeared that football accounted for the biggest number of wounds, followed by soccer. Injuries were moreover four times as likely to occur amid a amusement vs. a practice session.

Rehash Sports Injuries Common

In the think about, analysts followed boys and young ladies partaking in 12 varsity sports at 100 tall schools all through North Carolina from 1996 to 1999.

Injuries were counted in case they occurred in hones or diversions and on the off chance that they resulted in limited play the day after the harm or required restorative attention. Concussions, fractures, and eye wounds were tallied notwithstanding of severity.

The generally damage rate was approximately two per 1,000 recreations or practices, which is comparable to the national rate of injuries among high school competitors found in a recent CDC ponder.

But analysts found the rate of harm was twice as high among those with a prior damage (two per 1,000 games or hones) compared with uninjured competitors (one per 1,000 diversions or practices). This increased with each additional year of playing.

The rate of injuries was highest among football players with an average of about four wounds per 1,000 exposures, taken after by boys’ soccer. The most reduced harm rates were for track competitors.

Analysts found boys were 33% more likely to become harmed than girls.

The results appear within the American Journal of The study of disease transmission.