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This Year’s Oscars Belong to Strong Women in Fierce Roles

By 7 mars 2020 No Comments

Hurrah! For the second year running, the Oscars won’t be so white.

Sure, the nominations on Tuesday had some lamentable omissions — Dee Rees for best director, for one, along with her movie “Mudbound.” But one of its stars, Mary J. Blige, got two nominations, and Jordan Peele got three, with “Get Out,” his evisceration of smug white liberalism, landing on the best picture list.

To quote Tiffany Haddish, as she stumbled over the “Get Out” star Daniel Kaluuya’s name while announcing the nominees, “Kallelujah!”

Also, wahoo, the Oscars won’t be so male. Greta Gerwig became only the fifth woman to ever get a directing nomination, for “Lady Bird,” Rachel Morrison became the first female Oscar-nominated cinematographer, for “Mudbound,” and four of the nine best picture finalists are about women.

But check out the list of nominated actresses. It’s hard to find an ingénue — to use a term long past its sell-by date — in the bunch. And by and large, the women these actresses portray onscreen are not “likable” in the traditional sense but instead wily, ferocious and unbowed.